About the Site

HappyHour.org is a small web-based social event application created specifically for the iPhone. It's not really a social network and not really an event site; and it's most definitely not "web 2.0". Simply put, it's a place to find the "best" events based on what your friends and others are saying. And, if you and your friends are not feeling any of the events around, you can create your own.

It's kind of like a hook-up between Twitter and Upcoming:
HappyHour.org is the best place to the find the best events.

SXSW Edition (v1.0)

Currently HappyHour.org is in pregame mode, which is a slightly less-than-clever way to say we're ready to talk about it but it's not done yet—the code is still catching up to the big idea. However, we are launching a short preview of HappyHour specifically for the 2010 SXSW Interactive conference in Austin, Texas. HappyHour will be live and running with limited but very specific functionality for SXSWi.

So, use us to avoid the long lines and dried-up open bars—find your friends, the best parties, or even start a new one. HappyHour.org has all of the SXSW party information you'll need. All of the official and unofficial parties of SXSW Interactive will be available for our March preview launch.